Dipl. C. R. Nisslmüller

I help your business grow on the digital landscape.


Online Resume

I am an Austrian Interactive Designer/Developer connecting technology with visual statements. Beyond marketing 
and communications, I help businesses evolving & growing in 
the new digital landscape.

Los Angeles





In 2007 I started creating digital advertising for bands
and collected expierence working as a professional in
Austrian advertising agencies.

Reichl und Partner
Adhouse Brandstetter und Wahl OHG
Quelle AG

Skill Set

Expierence Design

I deliver elegant, intuitive apps and interfaces by centering 
the design process on the goals of the end user. This focus 
begins at the earliest planning phase and continues through 
production, testing and optimisation – because design is not 
a stage, it's everything I do.

Creative Development

Due the constant evolution of technologies and innovations these days, I made it my personal assignment to stay up-to-date with this fast-moving trends. I have setup the task: Continuous training and well-planned strategies are the key to success..

Art & Motion Design

I craft digital experiences with logic and charm. 
I'm fanatical about the details and I pay special attention 
to the emotional response my work evokes in the end user.

Technology & Code

Technology underpins everything I do. It’s an important part of 
my design process, allowing me to move swiftly from conception 
to working prototypes and enabling me to deliver inventive 
solutions to business problems with content management possibility.


Mail adress: hello@nisslmueller.biz
Cell number: +4369910873781